Borrowing Electronic Devices

Rules for borrowing the Toshiba Satellite 1400-503 laptops

General Rules:

Laptop lending will be provided for libraries equipped with WIFI in their reading areas and work-spaces.

  • The following libraries provide laptops for public use in their reading areas:
    • Biblioteca Colegio Máximo.
    • Biblioteca E.S. Ingeniería Informática.
    • Biblioteca del campus universitario de Ceuta
    • Biblioteca del campus universitario de Melilla

All users of the University Library have access to these laptops. To submit an application for a laptop, it is necessary to go to the library issue desk and show your Identification Card.

In case of an equipment breakdown, malfunction, or any other problem related to the laptops, please contact the library staff who will communicate the problem to the head of computing services:

Misuse of these services will lead to the suspension of borrowing privileges. Additionally, disciplinary measures deemed appropriate, considering the nature of the damage and the user’s past offenses, will be taken.

Please, respect our equipment for the benefit of all University of Granada users now and in the future.

Laptop Loan:

  • Equipment:
    • Toshiba 1400-503 Laptop, Celeron 133 Ghz- Combo DVD+CDRW, Windows XP Home.
    • Cisco Air Internet Card or Net 350 series wireless LAN adapter.
    • Battery 1 Ion Lithium.
  • Loan conditions:
    • The user will ask for laptop loans at the loan desk.
    • Present their ID card or accredited documentation.
    • Loans are performed through Millennium.
    • Once returned, all components should be found in perfect condition.
  • Loan period:
    • Equipment can be borrowed for a period of two hours.
    • Renewal is not allowed.
    • Reservations for the equipment are not accepted.

Borrowing electronic document readers (PAPYRE)

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