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Section 11: The Library Committee advises the Governing Council

According to the University Articles of Association, there shall be an advisory Library Committee for the Governing Council and the Rector to help reach the aims and improve the quality of the relevant services.

The Committee shall be made up of:

  • The Rector or, when delegated, the Vice-Rector of the service.
  • The service Technical Manager.
  • Three members elected among and by the staff assigned to the service.
  • Seven members representing users, elected by the Plenary of the Governing Council among the candidates. There shall be five lecturers and two students.

The elected members shall be part of the Committee for four years. The Committee shall have the following functions:

  1. Suggesting the guidelines for the University Library policy to the Governing Council.
  2. Suggesting criteria and general recommendations for the establishment and distribution of the budget assigned to the acquisition of new information resources.
  3. Studying the users’ proposals, suggestions and complaints to the Committee.
  4. Informing of the proposals for internal regulations by the Library branches and other Library services.
  5. Knowing and informing of the possible serious incidents occurred because of the noncompliance with the Library services rules or the misuse of the collections and facilities.
  6. Having its voice heard in the planning and the Library services creation, withdrawal or alteration proposals.
  7. Studying any matter of concern to the Library services.
  8. Informing of the proposals to alter these regulations.
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