General information

How many libraries are there?

There is only one University Library at the University of Granada, with 23 branches centers, called Library Branches.

What time are the libraries opened?

Generally, Monday to Friday from 8:30/9:00 till 20:30/21:00

I am not a member of the University, can I still enter the library and use its facilities?


Do I have to pay to use the library services? >No, all services provided are free with the exception of the Interlibrary loan and reprography services.

The Library Card

How and where can I get the library card? >Actually, there is not an exclusive library card for the University library. To use the library services, one must use the university card, this can be found at the Secretariat of your library branch. Can I use my library card at any of the library branches? >Yes. Do I need the library card to use a book in the library?

To use the books in the library, no; to check it out, yes.

How long is the library card valid? >As long as you are enrolled at the University. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Please, Inform the branch in which you received it and they will provide you with a new one.

Library Services

Where can I find out how the library functions and what services are offered? >Please, go directly to your library branch or visit the library website. Can I ask the library manager how to locate a library or journal or how to use the computer in the room?

Of course.

What is a “home loan”? >You can check out one or several books, library conditions apply. Who can use the home loan?

Anyone who has a University Card can utilize this service.

What type of materials can I borrow? >All materials in the Library Catalogue that do not have the condition of NO PRESTABLES (NOT LOANABLE). Is there a fee to borrow a book? >No. How many books can be borrowed, and for how long can I keep them at home? >It depends on the person who is borrowing the book and the type of document. See BUG Regulations. I forgot to return a book by the due date, what will happen when I return it? >Please, see the BUG Regulations. I would like to renew a book that I have at home, can I do it online?

Yes. Please, see renewing online.

Can I only borrow books from my library branch or from other branches as well? >You can borrow books from any branch, but you must check them out at the branch where the book is located. Do I have to return the book from the branch I borrowed it from or can I return it to any library branch? >You must return the book to the branch where you checked it out. If I need a book which is not at the University Granada library, can I borrow it from another library that has it? >Yes, you should use the Interlibrary Loan service. What do I have to do to borrow a book that is not in the Library? >Please, inform the librarian at your library branch and request the book through the Interlibrary Loan service. Is there a fee for this service? >There are some fees set by other university Libraries and other Institutions. If I request a book outside of the University of Granada, how long will it take to arrive? >There is no set delivery time, it depend on the library which you requested it from. I need a copy of a journal article that is not in the Library, can I still get a copy of it?

Yes, through the Interlibrary Loan service.

Is there a fee to get photocopies of an article? >Yes. If the university has the rights to the article, then the University fees apply. If the article comes from an Interlibrary Loan, the fees are set by the library Universities and Institutions apply. Where and how do it request a photocopy of an article? >At your college or school's library branch. How do I know if the article or book I requested has arrived? >You can ask the library branch where you requested it. Normally the branch will contact you when it arrives. If I enter the library and it is full but there are seats that only have paper on them, can I use it?

If the seats are unoccupied from more than twenty minutes, you may use them.

I'm looking for information about...

¿How to quote bibliography? > Please, see the following websites for further information:

How to quote bibliography - Link to the Biblioteca de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid website.
How to elaborate bibliographical references - Link to the Biblioteca de la Universidad de Sevilla

How do I find a book or journal in the library? >Use the Library Catalogue. If a book or journal can not be found on the automated University catalogue - OPAC- does that mean that it is not in the library?

No. If the book you are look for was published before 1989 or the journal was published before this date, they may be recorded in the manual catalogue in your library branch. You should check your branch to make sure the library does not own it.

Searching through the catalogue, how do I know if a journal is available electronically? >When the expression “electronic document” appears besides the journal's title. Who can access the electronic resources?

All University community members can access the journals through the UGR Network.

Are there any restrictions to accessing the electronic journals? >Only those journals whose editors indicate so, in which case you will be notified when you gain access. For the journals which exist electronically, is it possible to use and retrieve all full-text articles? >No. Only those articles who offer the possibility and those which the University of Granada has on-line subscriptions to. If I try to enter an electronic journal and I am asked for a password, what should I do?

Journals that have the electronic journal icon, should not require a password except through error or default. When there is actually a need for a password there will be an intermediate page where you can find the necessary password or steps to gain access.

How do I find out what databases are available in the library for a given topic?

Browse in the BUG website the Database Alphabetical List. You could also use the Subject Oriented Guides,to search for other databases not recorded in the general list.

I am having trouble accessing a database, what can I do? >Sometimes it helps to read the information provided alongside the title of the database. If it doesn't help, contact the librarian responsible for your library or send your question with the existing form. They will then contact you. Do the databases of journal articles also have the articles in full text? >Some do and some don't, it depends on the database you are using. Below the icon of information that accompanies each base, you can see if it exists or not. There are other databases that do not include it directly, these provide a link to the server's own journal where the full text may be found. The list of articles hit will be accompanied by an icon which links the full text of the journal, this will occur after you have finished your search. What do I do if the database, provided by the library, does not allow me access?

You should get in contact with the person responsible for your library or send your question with the existing form. They will then contact you.

I am doing research on a certain topic, can I ask the Library to conduct the search through the databases and give me the results?

No. The library can show you the tools at your disposal to conduct your research.

Can I access the databases or look at journal articles in full-text from my house?

Yes, via a virtual connection -VPN- with the UGR Network.

I would like to know how to use a specific electronic journal, who can help me?

You can ask a librarian at your library. Or in an case there are training courses for users in different library branches.

The infrastructure and facilities

Can I use my laptop in the library?


With my laptop can I access the electronic journals that the library offers? >Yes, provided that you have the necessary card for connection to a wireless network. More information. Are there laptops that I can borrow from the Library? >Yes, but only in a few library branches. The computer in the library has blocked me out, what should I do? >Seek the assistance of a library staff member. Can I print in the library? >In general the library does not offer printing services. Are there photocopy machines in the library, can I use them myself or do I have to consult someone from the library? >It depends on the library branch. You should ask a staff member.

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