Documentary Support for the Handicapped

The University Library's SADDIS service is tailored to meet the needs of those university community members who have any form of disability. Its main purpose is to facilitate access to library services for those students who, because of their disability (be it sensory, physical, or otherwise), have difficulty using library resources in any of its centres or branches. It also aims to support professors who either have a disability themselves or disabled students. The University of Granada carries out this service in cooperation with the National Organization for the Spanish Blind (ONCE), which supports SADDIS by providing specific programs and qualified technicians who work to solve problems related to software and information technology.

SADDIS is located in the Library of the Centre of Scientific Documentation. It offers a wide variety of services such us: a reading area, long term book lending, free access to data bases and the internet, bibliographic instruction, document production, etc.

Additionally, the following resources are available:

  1. Eight reading posts.
  2. A scanner.
  3. Two audio equipment devices.
  4. Two computers to consult specific information.
  5. Two computers programmed with specific software:
    • JAWS (Screen reader software): Its main purpose is to verbalize screen information through a voice synthesizer program. If there is a Braille Display available, JAWS software will translate that information into Braille as well.
    • MAGIC (Screen magnifier): Its main purpose consists of magnifying the original size of the objects appearing in the screen from 2 to 25 times in all applications.
    • OMNIPAGE OCR Software: The OCR program recognizes optical characters and converts them into characters encoded in computational language (ASCII).
    • DAISY PLAYER: This application was designed and developed in order to create a format which allows the books to be read using the DAISY format (Digital Audio-based Information System). This software is also used by the National Organization for the Spanish Blind (ONCE) to record books, which are also offered to members as free downloads.
    • Glass Magnifier Screen: This system operates by enlarging pieces of text situated under a television screen and a camera device.
    • Braille Display or Braille Terminal: This system is an electromechanical device which displays Braille characters by means of raising dots through holes in a flat surface. The encoding character process is executed with JAWS software.
  • Adress:
    • Calle Rector López Argüeta s/n
    • Library of the Centre of Scientific Documentation
    • 18071 Granada
    • Phone and fax: 958 248364
    • e-mail:
    • Time: 8,30 am a 20,30 pm hours (please, see our opening hours during holiday season).
  • Contact person:
    • Soledad Jacobe Martínez,
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