Coordination and System Management Services

Coordination and System Management Services control the maintenance and development of the BUG integrated management system. It is also responsible for the coordination, normalization, diffusion, and monitoring of all the processes related to this service.

  • This service aims:
    1. To achieve system higher efficiency
    2. To develop cooperative actions that will contribute to the increase of the BUG cost-effectiveness and diffusion
    3. To achieve higher service assimilation and exploration of the integrated library management system
    4. To apply information and communications technologies
  • Staff:
    • Juan José Sánchez Guerrero
      • Chief of Service
      • Library Faculty
      • Morning shift
      • 958 243054
    • Rosario Tovar Velázquez
      • Library Faculty
      • Morning shift
      • Telephone (Internal number call) 20333
      • Telephone (External number call) 958 241000 - extension number call. 20333
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